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Cosmetics and Care Products Industry

Provide code traceability identification solutions in the cosmetics and care products industry to effectively protect the brand image.


The cosmetics and care industries have regulations that require clear production and expiration dates to help avoid other adverse reactions such as allergies after use. Relevant brand trademarks can be printed on the packaging to convey brand information. Combined with the anti-counterfeit traceability code, it can effectively prevent the brand from being counterfeited and effectively protect the brand image.

We provide a complete set of solutions that can print clear content, anti-migration, and friction-resistant reliability marks on the uneven or smooth surface of various cosmetic care products.



Flexible packaging, plastic, glass, carton, metal



Text (composition, batch number), date (production date, shelf life), pattern, shift, serial number, barcode, QR code, other independently edited information, etc.



1. Environmentally friendly ink, no pollution to the environment, no impact on human health.

2. High definition, the printed content is clearly visible, and the color is bright.

3. High and low temperature resistance, even in the harsh environment of high temperature or low temperature, it can still maintain excellent printing quality.

4. High adhesion, for different materials, all have high stability adhesion.

5. Quick drying, extremely short dry operation time, to avoid information stickiness and improve production efficiency.

6. Resistant to chemical corrosion, the coding mark can tolerate alcohol and other chemical solvents, ensuring that the mark is clear and easy to read during production and use.

7. Anti-migration, the logo will not be transferred or confused due to pressure or temperature during printing and use, and it can remain clear and bright.

8. Friction resistance, repeated contact and friction during use, the logo will not fade, and it can remain clear and bright.

9. A variety of colors are available, including black, white, red, yellow, blue, green, invisible, UV and other types of inks to meet the various needs of product production.



1. Comply with standards and regulations. All countries have clear standard requirements. Cosmetics and care products must have names and expiration dates. Therefore, it is very important to label cosmetics and care products, and it is also a necessary condition for import and export.

2. Guide consumers to purchase and carry out clear information labeling on products, so that consumers can understand the source and quality more clearly, so as to choose better products.

3. Protect the interests of consumers and prevent the circulation of cosmetics and care products that have exceeded their expiration date or are of substandard quality, thereby protecting the health of buyers.

4. The product information can be traced, and it can be traced in the production, processing, inspection, sales and other circulation links of cosmetics and care products, so as to supervise each link, so that the quality of the product can be reliably guaranteed, and consumers can be improved Trust.

5. Protecting the brand image and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the manufacturer can prevent counterfeit products from affecting their own quality and reputation.

6. Product effective anti-counterfeiting, printing random code or anti-counterfeiting code, can help consumers quickly identify genuine products.

7. To expand the product market, the printed information is a promise to consumers, which can increase consumers' willingness to pay, thereby helping to increase product market share and increase sales.